Hundreds of Collaborations, at your Fingertips

1. Give us your info

We’ll get your information—contact info, social media handles, location, follower demographics, etc. and store it in our city-specific databases.

2. Opportunities to your inbox

You’ll be the first to know when a local restaurant is looking for a paid influencer collaboration. Receive invites straight to your inbox, and respond with dates/times you’re available for a visit, as well as your asking price for the collaboration.

3. Get confirmed for a visit

If the restaurant’s budget can match your asking price, we’ll send you a calendar invite for the visit. Simply visit, film, and get treated to some free food.

4. Automated Payment

Once you post, we’ll automatically send you payment within a few days. And we’ll keep sending you more collaboration opportunities in your area.

Start with your first local restaurant collaboration.

  • High-quality, reputable restaurants
  • Consistent stream of collaboration opportunities
  • No back-and-forth with the business
  • Know what you’ll get. Collaboration compensation is set ahead of time.
  • No hassle - we do the sourcing, booking, and scheduling for you.

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