Here's how it works

1. Tell us about your audience

We send you an online form to learn all the information we need about your business. We want to know everything about your preferred audience: age, location, gender food interests, and any other unique things you think will help us get the word out.

2. Influencer matching

We’ll match you strategically with one influencer in our group every month and send you a calendar invite for the influencer to come in and do all the content shooting. All you have to do is accept the calendar invite and host the influencer.

3. Influencer posts about your restaurant

The influencer will promote you on their social media pages, and you’ll be invited as a collaborator so that you can watch the content and track new customer engagement yourself.

4. Watch sales grow

That’s all. Watch diners come in from the video the very next day. You’ll be surprised at how quickly views turn into customers.

Start with your first local food influencer.

  • Use social media to reach millions of local customers
  • Attract locals who don’t know about your restaurant
  • Boost Traffic by an average 150%
  • No hassle - we do everything for you.